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Meet our people: Coca‑Cola HBC Italia tells about itself

pietro-doria pietro-doria

Coca‑Cola HBC Italia is the best company for those who want to learn and challenge themselves, thanks to professional colleagues who are always ready to share their knowledge and suggestions.

Objectives are always clear and feedback about results are transparent from both managers and other stakeholders: this way, you can understand what your strengths and areas of opportunity  are in order to keep growing.

There are always chances to take the extra mile through the development programs that the company offers, such as the Fast Forward, that allows us to challenge ourselves together about new topics, as well as mentoring and shadowing sessions that involve the whole company.

In few words, it is the perfect environment for curious people looking for new results to achieve.

canale-foto canale-foto

After other experiences in Trade Marketing and Sales Modern Trade, my passion for the beverage Industry led me to Coca‑Cola HBC Italia, first in Trade Marketing in the Ho. Re. Ca Channel, where I managed the re-launch of the 33 cl glass packaging with my team, and then as a National Account dedicated to wholesalers, improving my customer management skills. Since one year and a half, I am leading a team of 40 people with a double reporting level as Area Manager for Lombardia and Liguria. This is maybe the best working experience I ever had: managing, guiding, training, engaging and helping talents express their full potential are great responsibilities. When leading, the wellbeing of the team comes before the wellbeing of the single person: sometimes it's hard but it brings you joy. If I can say it in one sentence: alone you go faster, together you go further.

gabriele-gargano gabriele-gargano

Having had the chance to work for other multinationals, I can say that Coca‑Cola HBC Italia is unique.

A young, dynamic, challenging and people-oriented company that provides great growth opportunities not only in professional terms, but especially in terms of training programs, in Italy and abroad, that allow you to learn, get to know different cultures and markets, and have fun. All these elements ensure a collaborative environment, teaching you to win or to lose as a team.

Managing a team gave me many challenges to face, mainly finding a balance between discipline and freedom. Being part of a well-established team and becoming part of it as its leader are not easy tasks, and require commitment and dedication. From the first day I listened to my team to get to know it better, I spent days on the market, I made myself available to support them in reaching the objectives and completing their activities: this helped me in getting closer to them and understanding their  working flow. Trust is also key, and you can gain it only by creating a sincere, transparent relationship and by assuming the responsibility of your mistakes in order to learn from them.

laura-negri laura-negri

I started working in Coca‑Cola HBC Italia when I came back to Italy after 2 years in Brussels, where I worked for European Institutions. I was looking for many characteristics when considering the company to work for:

  • Internationality, to keep being in touch with the European environment that I was used to
  • Training and Development, to improve my acquired skills with knew know-how
  • A young and challenging environment, in line with my personal attitude
  • A solid but dynamic structure, to learn how to act as a leader in the market and evolve with it

I found all these elements in Coca‑Cola HBC Italia and for this reason I applied for the Management Trainee Program as a first step.

nittolo nittolo

I recommend working for Coca‑Cola HBC Italia because it is a mix of “Good Vibes”: we look for excellence to be close to our clients and consumers everyday, and we want to do it in a sustainable way. We are lucky to work in team because we can support each other in a dynamic, but serene and collaborative environment. The keyword is “Improve Your Potential”, and this is why we face challenges, learn from our mistakes and celebrate successes everyday!

gianfranco_sabato gianfranco_sabato

I recommend working in Coca‑Cola HBC Italia for 3 main reasons:

1. The company supports the growth of young people, giving them the chance to develop personal and professional skills, providing career plans and tools to acquire the best knowledge about the Beverage Industry and the Fast Moving Consumer Goods.

2. It offers a stimulating and open work environment where everyone has the chance to express and implement ideas in a constructive and incisive way for the company.

3. It recognizes merits as well as efforts. It supports growth in a proactive way thanks to a fast performance management and a concrete strategy to allow the development of your skills and the improvement of the areas that you need to strengthen.

foto-mazzocca-3 foto-mazzocca-3

Coca‑Cola HBC is a dynamic and challenging work environment where we can express ourselves at our best, trying to change the status quo as on team. The sense of belonging and the awareness of the power of this company are the main drivers that let us reach results beyond expectations. The sentence “it’s people that make a company up” is not obvious, and I think that it reflects Coca‑Cola HBC Italia; the strength of this company is made by people, who can freely express themselves.

foto-ori-2 foto-ori-2

In Coca‑Cola HBC Italia people and their development come first.

It is a meritocratic environment, open to diversity, and able to support you in achieving challenging results by considering mistakes as valuable sources for learning.

I felt listened, valued and I grew personally and professionally in every moment of my journey.

Last, I found a company brave to the point of changing the whole portfolio, the ambition to discover new categories as a leader and the honesty of admitting personal mistakes to correct the performance; all of this makes building the company of tomorrow possible: a sustainable and profitable company.

elisa-alessandri elisa-alessandri

From the first day in CCHBCI, doing the daily activities with my commercial colleagues allowed me to get closer and know better all the negotiation dynamics and customer care tactics in order to offer the best service to clients. These opportunities enriched my approach to the way I work and think, which was, at first, more supply chain-oriented, giving me the chance to face my job (and the related logistics issues) with a major focus and attention on customer centricity.

enrico-bortolotti enrico-bortolotti

How would I describe my work environment in just one word? Dynamic. In this company people are stimulated to improve and acquire more skills every day, also through “out of comfort zone” experiences. This way, you can create a dynamic and challenging work environment that gives you the opportunity to constantly keep your passion and your colleagues productivity high.

marco-giordanengo marco-giordanengo

I started my experience in CCHBCI through the Management Trainee Program as a Quality Account in the Head Quarter in Sesto San Giovanni (Milan). At the end of this experience, I was appointed Quality Assurance Specialist having different opportunities first in the Buccinasco warehouse for the Milan Expo 2015, and then in the Italian plants to support the implementation of innovative projects related to packaging. In 2016, I was a member of the Fast Forward acceleration program, and in 2017, I was part of the innovative European project SPC (Statistical Process Control) for the continuous monitoring of the main parameters of our production processes and the related statistical analysis. In July 2018, I left the Head Quarter to join the Marcianise plant to cover the role of Quality Assurance System, following all the legal and Corporate related topics. Finally, from June 2019 I am Quality Assurance Supervisor, with the focus on sensorial analysis areas, microbiological analysis and packaging.

CCHBCI attracted me because it is a multinational company that offers many possibilities of creating your network, several work opportunities, also outside of Italy, and chances to measure yourself with other realities and cultures, also by questioning your convictions.

francesca-lasalandra francesca-lasalandra

I joined Coca‑Cola HBC Grecia-Cipro in February 2015 as a Financial Analyst for Supply Chain, where I was in charge of planning and controlling the operational expenses. Then, I was promoted responsible for Manufacturing and OPEX for the Grecia & Cipro BU and I controlled the production expenses. In June 2017, I moved to Italy as Partner Economics Senior Analyst for Commercial Finance. At the time, I also had the chance to take part in the Fast Forward Program together with colleagues from other functions. From July 2018, I am covering the role of Partner Economics Manager and I control the financial analysis of our innovations, brands profitability and customer relationship.

gloria-marzari gloria-marzari

I started in Coca‑Cola HBC Italia a few months before graduating in Engineering: I applied through the company website, almost as a bet, because I wanted to kick-start my career in a place that would also represent me. So, I started my journey with a 6 months Stage in Planning, where I understood that my career had to be in Supply Chain. Through the Management Trainee Program I switched to Logistic, first in Distribution Development and then in Logistic Excellence.

Now, I am managing all the logistic related projects: the beauty of my job is that I never do the same thing everyday and I can contribute whenever I find something that I enjoy which can bring added value to the company.

One of the first suggestions that I received was to keep doing the hardest things: this suggestion really stayed with me, and I still think about it anytime I have to choose which project to work on or which direction I should take.

Today I realize that from the hardest things you get the best satisfactions.

samuele-girardi samuele-girardi

Every morning I wake up happy and full of energy to face the daily challenges and meet wonderful people: this is why I would recommend working in Coca‑Cola HBC Italia.

The environment is positive, dynamic and never obvious. The satisfaction of achieving results also in difficult situations is unbelievable.

I work 99% of the time in team and with ambitious, positive, collaborative people that want to go in the same direction. This way, you learn to work as a team, as a family!

It is a family. If your day did not start in the right way, you start smiling and forget about any negative thoughts when you get to the office! It is a large family made of friends, not just colleagues.

The first months have been the most intense from an emotional point of view because it was my first job experience in a multinational company. On the first day I felt the “positive pressure” that creates adrenaline through the body and the motivation to get back to work as soon as possible to see what happens next.

The main objective was to start a personal and professional growth journey to bring added value to the company and contribute also thanks to my specialization in Logistic.

The thing that I liked the most and that helped me get through the frenetic and unstoppable rhythms of Coca‑Cola HBC Italia was the support of my colleagues. They made me feel part of the team since the beginning, and they were always available for any question or doubt.

dario-belloni dario-belloni

When Coca‑Cola HBC Italia called me for a job proposition, it was a great emotion for me. I was proud of having the chance to become part of a multinational and dynamic company.

I was looking for something different and stimulating, and from the beginning I understood that I could find what I wanted there. I had a positive impact on the very first day, which was confirmed on the following months; I found a young, open work environment that gives the chance to propose new ideas and to grow professionally, acquire skills and freely express their potential by knowing the limits and the capabilities, facing with other colleagues and sharing important decisions with junior and senior players.

As HR Planning & Reporting Specialist, I am responsible for people cost, budgeting and forecasting. What I like the most about my job is the chance to collaborate with HR, Finance and the business so that I can analyze and understand the economic/financial impacts that stand behind our workforce.

Numbers sometimes can be boring, but if you look at them from the right point of view, they can make you see things better than you imagined.

mancini-simone_foto mancini-simone_foto

Already from the selection process I had the impression that this was a “different” company. A company focused on people: your manager, colleagues and senior leaders always put you first.

But motivation and proudness for your role come not only from your working environment, but also from your clients.

I would suggest working in Coca‑Cola HBC Italia also because of the freedom that you have in proposing new ways of doing things and for the chances to create and share best practices with the company, of course in line with the agreed objectives.

You grow professionally by helping the business to grow. You never grow by yourself.

Saying this through a football metaphor, it is like being in the Barcelona “cantera”. Anyone knows to be in a top team where they can give their best thanks to the people they play with.

Even if I am only at the beginning of my journey, I already had the chance to measure myself with the company “Top players”, and I do not think that so many other companies can give you this chance.

luigi-bottalico-foto-2 luigi-bottalico-foto-2

During my last year as Trade Marketing and Commercial Strategy student at the University of Parma, I took part in the Placement Day where I had the chance to apply and participate in the assessment organized by the HR team of Coca‑Cola HBC Italia.

After the first step, I was selected for a group interview thanks to which I had the opportunity to know the company and leverage on my university background.

In December 2018, right after my graduation, I concluded the selection process with a logic test and the final interview.

All of this helped me eliminate the barrier between school and work environment and know a multinational company in the best moment of my career.