Our plants: Fonti del Vulture

In Basilicata there is the largest natural basin area of mineral water in Italy with over 30% of  national resources. Here we find the Fonti del Vulture plant that bottles and distributes Lilia and Sveva water brands.

Fonti del Vulture history began in 1896, when Antonio Traficante, a local entrepreneur, discovered a spring of water naturally rich in carbon dioxide and mineral salts and decided to start bottling operations.

In 2006, Fonti del Vulture joined Coca-Cola HBC Italia that supported the commercial launch of Fonti del Vulture’s products at a national level.

The operation site is located in Rionero in Vulture, Potenza area, and through the years, supported by the continuous investments, it has increased its productive performances keeping the water’s naturalness and purity.



Million euros, overall resources generated in the region


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