We believe in people, in their talent and in the added value that each single person can provide to every working environment, creating a positive atmosphere for all the company.

Given this consideration, we have decided to launch #YouthEmpowered project, active in all the 28 countries of Coca-Cola Hellenic Bottling Company Group with the purpose of providing support to young people aged 18-30, giving them tools to better know their own potential, their talents and working competences that might be useful in achieving their career ambitions.

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Our target is ambitious but extremely important: we want to give to all participants to #YouthEmpowered courses, both live and digital, to develop their Life Skills and Business Skills pivotal for their future personal and professional growth.

In Italy, due to our partnership with Junior Achievement, Civicamente, Scuola Zoo and Salone dello Studente, more than 70.000 young people have joined our courses across all the nation!