Our plants: Nogara

The Nogara plant, in Verona area, is the biggest Coca-Cola HBC plant in Italy and the first at the European Level for its productive capacity.

Operating since 1975, Nogara is a milestone for Coca-Cola HBC Italia history in our country, in this plant the first beverage can production was produced for the Italian market. 


To celebrate its 40° birthday, Nogara set a Guinness World Record! 

2015 2015

In September 2015, in the site’s outdoor area more than 600 colleagues together with their family recreated the Coca-Cola iconic bottle to underline and concretize the close relation among the company and the territory that was developed through the years. 

The Nogara plant has in the environmental sustainability one of its strongest points: it uses 100% of electricity generated by a self-generation system that can produce electricity, heating, refrigerated water and CO2 for food use.


Million euros, overall resources generated in the region



Number of employees (2018)


Overall number of employees considering third parties (2018)


Million euros invested on Nogara in the last 10 years.


Million euros invested in 2019