With three soft drink plants and two water bottling sites, Coca-Cola is among the most important companies in the Italian industrial framework. An honor but also a mission and a concrete responsibility toward the environment and the communities where we operate. Our commitment begins from the sites, where we follow the highest standards both in water and energy sources management, and it continues throughout all of our supply chain and sales forces, where we maximize our efforts to reduce any waste. 


Water is the most important asset and for those like us who work in beverage sector this is even more important. In order to guarantee a proper use of water resource in all the our productive path, we have decided to certify all our sites according to the European Water Stewardship standard that, after an external audit, recognizes and awards those companies that put in place all the measures to use water in a responsible way. 


Considering the target to reduce our environmental footprint, we adopt in our plants good practices and industrial technologies to reach a continuous improvement of our industrial performances and at the same time saving energy consumption. 79% of the total amount of energy that we use is produced by renewable sources. Considering only the electricity, our rate is 100% of energy produced by renewable sources


Our presence and our continuous support to our clients are our strengths and to match this need with the need to reduce CO2 emissions we have adopted a supply chain strategy that makes our transfers more efficient, thanks to the round trip model that avoids any journey without loads.