As the main bottler of The Coca‑Cola Company products in Italy, water is our primary ingredient in the production of beverages and is an indispensable element for the operation of our production processes. This is why we are extremely aware of the importance of water and how critical for all of us its responsible management is. In line with the company’s environmental policies, as part of the 2020 Sustainability Plan, Coca‑Cola HBC has set specific objectives in relation to climate and renewable energy, water use and management, packaging management and post-consumer recycling. In order to achieve these objectives, in 2018 the optimization of energy consumption continued with specific projects at the various sites with the aim of reducing greenhouse gas emissions along the value chain. 

100% of the electricity purchased from the grid by Coca‑Cola HBC Italia in 2018 comes from renewable sources and 79% of the total energy used comes from renewable and clean energy. In addition, 58% of our chillers are energy efficient.

During 2018 the objective of certifying all production sites with the European Water Stewardship (EWS) standards was achieved.

Logistical Efficiency

As in past years, in 2018, the logistics department managed to avoid travelling thousands of kilometers thanks to the roundtrip mode, which associated deliveries with the simultaneous pick-up of outgoing goods, effectively eliminating dead mileage: this mode avoided 892,794 kilometers in the year for a total of 1,286 tons of CO2 equivalent saved, i.e. 19% more than in 2017 (a reduction calculated using the web tool provided by ECR Italia Ecologistico).


Circular Economy 

As part of the Group, Coca‑Cola HBC Italia also contributes to the commitment to use sustainable packaging and to seek formats and materials that can reduce the environmental impact of its product packaging, both during the production process and after use by consumers. Our approach in particular focuses on four areas of action: reducing and optimizing the weight and volume of packaging; optimizing palletizing; where technically possible, using recycled materials for recyclable beverage packs and containers; encouraging consumers to properly dispose of packs after consuming their products, raising awareness about the separate collection of packaging materials and deterring the practice of abandoning waste. The containers and packs of drinks produced by Coca‑Cola HBC Italia are the result of a targeted study of details, projects and design, aimed at seizing every possible opportunity for improvement, especially to reduce the environmental impact. Just consider that from 2010 to 2018 the percentage of reduced CO2 emitted in relation to primary and secondary packaging alone was 44%. The project to lighten PET (polyethylene terephthalate) bottles has made it possible to reduce their weight by 14% compared to 2010.

Today, all Coca‑Cola Company branded beverage packages are 100% recyclable, and during 2018 we started introducing bottles that use a portion of recycled PET (rPET) into the Italian market. The goal is to replace 26.3% of the total quantity of PET released into the market by 2020, reaching at least 50% by 2030. Furthermore, with regards to waste management, over the years Coca‑Cola HBC Italia has reduced the amount of waste going to landfills, bringing the amount of recycled waste resulting from the bottling processes to 99.7%.


For more information, download our Sustainability Report 2018 here.