Our approach to sustainability

Priority activities

Our commitment to sustainability is meant to ensure the success and continuity of our enterprise over time, with the continued reduction of our environmental footprint and a concrete contribution to the quality of life in the communities in which we operate.

This is why, in light of the increasing number of challenges concerning sustainability, we have decided to launch a number of priority activities for the business and its stakeholders.

Social reporting

Since 2004, we have published an annual Sustainability Report, a tool that presents our policies and accounts for what we have achieved in various areas of commitment.


Mapping and engagement initiative

Mapping and engagement initiative

Stakeholders are groups on which the enterprise has an impact and that, at the same time, have an impact on the enterprise itself. The driving factor that directs Coca‑Cola HBC Italia in our management of social responsibility is our continuous attention to and engagement with our stakeholders. This dialogue takes place through meetings, surveys and research, all aimed at involving employees, customers, suppliers, non-profit organisations and any other stakeholder group. For 2017 edition, Coca‑Cola HBC held its first Multistakeholder Forum, with a twofold objective of presenting the company’s sustainability strategy and collecting ideas and recommendations on a number of aspects relevant to the Italian reality and to the Coca‑Cola HBC Group. Coca‑Cola HBC Italia has choosen to apply the new version of the global standard of reference for Sustainability Reporting one year in advance with respect to the date fixed for its mandatory application. In 2017, based on the current coverage of the indicators associated with material aspects, the level of compliance with the “GRI-Standards” is “in accordance - core”.