Our Sustainability Report

Underpinning the commitment of Coca‑Cola HBC Italia there is a strong desire to ensure the success and continuity of the enterprise over time with the continued reduction of its environmental footprint and concrete contribution to the quality of life in the communities in which it operates.

About the report

As part of the preparation of the Sustainability Report, we carried out a careful mapping of our internal and external stakeholders by activating channels through which they could indicate the issues that were important to them. From this, we could create a materiality matrix.

Coca‑Cola HBC Italia has chosen to apply the new version of the global standard of reference for Sustainability Reporting one year in advance with respect to the date fixed for its mandatory application. In 2018, based on the current coverage of the indicators associated with material aspects, the level of compliance with the “GRI-Standards” is “in accordance - core”.

Coca‑Cola HBC Italia has chosen to voluntarily submit this Report to third party assurance. The processes of acquiring information, reporting criteria, indicators used and results achieved have been certified by an Audit Firm, according to International Standard “AA1000- Stakeholder Engagement Standard (AA1000SES) 2015”.