The Naples Star Judo Club, run by Master Gianni Maddaloni, helps children and families from the problematic Neapolitan Scampia quarter, creating a positive influence by spreading the values of sport and a culture of legality.

Star Judo Club

The club is the home of Olympic champion Giuseppe "Pino" Maddaloni, and over the last two decades, under the supervision of Master Gianni Maddaloni, has developed many Italian national and international champions. As part of the Maddaloni Sport Centre, the Star Judo Club is more than just a judo club where athletes come to train. It is also a social centre for providing a clean, safe and positive environment for kids from local areas, where they can learn the right moral values and stay away from drugs, crime and the local mafia, the Camorra.

At the Star Judo Club, sport is a right for children: it doesn’t just teach kids judo, it teaches the right way of life too.