A.B.C. (Associazione Bambini Cri du chat) is a non-profit organisation dedicated to cri du chat syndrome, a very rare genetic disorder that causes serious restrictions in psychomotor, mental and language development.

A.B.C. - Associazione Bambini Cri du chat

The disorder cannot be cured with medicines, yet early and appropriate physical therapy and educational treatments may improve prognoses.

The association endeavours to improve the life conditions of patients and their families, supporting scientific research and follow-ups of children, circulating appropriate guidelines for their growth and development, and promoting reciprocal help.

A.B.C. carries out family assistance projects meant to help children to grow-up and develop at home, where they live with their families. Furthermore, the association has created the Database Project SCDC, that provides information about the disorder from a scientific-medical, clinical, educational and therapeutic point of view.

For further information: www.criduchat.it.