The recreational-educational project "Fabbriche Aperte"

To cope with the growing challenges looming ahead for young people in terms of sustainability of environment and work, Fondazione Coca‑Cola HBC Italia has selected the school as a channel to establish a direct and relationship of nearness with students, teachers and families, focusing on education to recycling

“Fabbriche Aperte” is a recreational and educational project presented by Fondazione Coca‑Cola HBC Italia and sponsored by CONAI, the National Packaging Consortium: an educational initiative focused on the importance of recycling the main types of waste (plastic, aluminum, glass, paper, steel, wood, but also electrical and electronic waste) and of a proper use of water resources.

From 2013 to-date, the project directly involved 25.000 students from lower secondary schools (third year) from upper secondary schools.

Figures of the "Fabbriche Aperte" project

From 2013 to 2017, "Fabbriche Aperte"program:

  • Reached 11 million Italian students and families;
  •  Distributed over 10,000 educational kits in as many schools of more than 7,000 schools;
  •  Held more than 200 days of visits to production plants and hosted more than 25,000 people (students/teachers) in its 4 Italian plants (Oricola, Nogara, Marcianise and Rionero in Vulture);
  • Held 80 events in schools with more than 6,500 participants.

In 2017, the fifth edition of the project included two different programs, intended for students of secondary schools: “Water and recycling perfectly” and “Learning the future”.

The "Acqua e Riciclo a regola d’arte" project, designed to raise the awareness of young people on environment preservation and improvement, in 2017 focused on the importance of a correct and sustainable use of water and supported, in conjunction with CONAI, Consorzio Nazionale Imballaggi (national packaging consortium) and the consumer association Cittadinanzattiva, the recycling of the six materials used to make packaging: steel, aluminium, paper, wood, plastic and glass.

The "A Scuola di Futuro" initiative is linked to the contents of the #YouthEmpowered project and offered students of the triennium of secondary schools, the chance to know the world of work and the strategies to successfully enter it, through offline and online training and school-work alternate experiences, with the objective of developing personal, relational and moral skills that could make the difference in the life and employment perspectives of young people.

The Coca‑Cola HBC Italia’s Nogara (VR), Oricola (AQ), Marcianise (CE) and Rionero in Vulture (PZ) plants opened their doors to more than 4,000 students between March and November for a total of 31 days of visits. Students could have a closer look at how drink production processes work, in addition to learning the company’s innovations and commitments to sustainability.

The participating Italian schools were also provided with instructional materials to be used during class hours, i.e. 2.500 educational kits, differentiated by school level, containing information, fun facts and tips to become responsible citizens in their daily lives. The kits, distributed in more than 2.000 schools, made it possible to reach more than 2.900.000 people, counting students, families, and friends.