Responsible marketing

We are strongly committed to responsible marketing.

Union of European Soft Drinks Associations

Coca‑Cola HBC Italia and Coca‑Cola Italia adhere to the Code of Conduct of ASSOBIBE (Italian Association of Industrialists of Non-Alcoholic Beverages), drawn up following the guidelines of the corresponding European association, UNESDA (Union of European Soft Drinks Associations), which regulates product marketing and promotion practices.

Membership means a commitment to ensure that advertising and marketing activities are not aimed at children under 12 years old. This, for example, means not buying advertising space directly addressing audiences that comprise more than 35 percent of children under the age of 12.

We adopt the same approach in primary schools. Respecting the right of parents to decide what their children should eat or drink, Coca‑Cola does not sell its products in elementary school vending machines in Italy directly, nor does it carry out promotional and sampling activities of its products in schools.