Coca‑Cola HBC Italia is placed on the market as a 24/7 Total Beverage Partner: a company with a product portfolio able to satisfy every consumption opportunities, from breakfast to after dinner.

Coca‑Cola HBC Italia offers a great variety of products, created not only to satisfy differences in taste, but also to meet consumers' specific needs or preferences. Innovation is essential to increase the range of products, thus allowing each consumer to choose the product that best responds to their taste, lifestyle and dietary requirements.

Sparkling soft drinks

We offer a wide choice of sugared, ‘low sugar’ and ‘sugar-free’ sparkling beverages, in a growing range of packaging designed to match today’s diverse lifestyles

These drinks specifically include: Coca‑Cola Original Taste, Coca‑Cola Zero Zuccheri Zero Calorie, Coca‑Cola Gusto Limone Zero Zuccheri Zero Calorie, Coca‑Cola Zero Calorie anche con Estratto di Stevia, Coca‑Cola light, Coca‑Cola senza caffeina, Fanta Original, Fanta gusto Arancia Rossa, Fanta Lemon, Fanta gusto Limone e Fiori di Sambuco, Fanta Zero zuccheri aggiunti, Sprite e Sprite Zero, Kinley Gusto Bitter Lemon, Kinley Tonic Water e la gamma premium di toniche e mixer Royal Bliss: Creative Tonic Water, Creative Zero Sugar Tonic Water, Exotic Yuzu Taste Sensation Tonic Water, Ironic Lemon Taste, Irreverent Ginger Ale e Seductive Ginger Beer

Still drinks

Coca‑Cola HBC Italia also offers a wide range of still drinks, or drinks not subjected to carbonation such as fruit juices, iced teas and sports drinks

We are authorised to produce and distribute in Italy the still drinks brands Amita, Powerade and FUZETEA

Plant based drinks

AdeZ is the new line of plant-based drinks, available in 8 references, without added sugars and enriched with vitamins and minerals: Sorprendente Soia, Meravigliosa Mandorla, Straordinaria Avena, Favoloso Riso, Strepitoso Cocco in 800 ml format; Meravigliosa Mandorla con Mango e Frutto della Passione, Straordinaria Avena con Fragola e Banana and Strepitoso Cocco con Frutti Rossi in 250 ml format.

Energy drinks

Coca‑Cola HBC Italia distributes energy drinks under the brand Monster, owned by Monster Energy Company and under the brand burn, owned by Energy Beverages LLC, with a diversified  offer in terms of taste, size and price to meet individual consumer preferences

Natural mineral water

Natural mineral water

Coca‑Cola HBC Italia offers a range of different natural mineral waters to meet all tastes. Our water portfolio includes Lilia and Sveva. All waters are fully EU compliant


Coca‑Cola, the new dynamic wave, the Contour Bottle, Coca‑Cola light, Coca‑Cola Zero, Fanta, Sprite, Kinley, Powerade, are registered trademarks of The Coca‑Cola Company. Coca‑Cola without caffeine is a trademark of The Coca‑Cola Company. Nestea is a registered trademark of Société des Produits Nestlè S.A. (Switzerland). Amita is a registered trademark of Coca‑Cola Hellenic Bottling Company S.A. Lilia, Sveva are registered trademarks of Sibil S.r.l. Illy is a registered trademark of Illycaffè S.p.A. and DP Beverages of Ilko Coffee International, respectively.