We’re a bottling partner of The Coca‑Cola Company and part of the most extensive soft drinks distribution system in the world.

Creating and meeting demand

Creating and meeting demand

The Coca‑Cola Company creates demand through its consumer marketing and brand development activities.

Coca‑Cola HBC is responsible for meeting this demand through manufacturing, packaging, distributing and merchandising the finished branded soft drinks to its customers, who then sell the products to consumers.

Combining the insights, resources and experience of The Coca‑Cola Company with our own expertise in bottling, distribution and sales, we create value together.

The Coca‑Cola world in Italy 

Coca‑Cola Italia

Coca‑Cola Italia, the Italian franchisee of The Coca‑Cola Company, is responsible for strategic marketing, brand management and protection, reputational risk, packaging, consumer promotion, advertising, market research, brand communication and institutional relations. It also sources ingredients and manufactures and sells concentrates, drinks bases and syrups.

Coca‑Cola HBC Italia

Coca‑Cola HBC Italia, as a bottling partner, purchases concentrates and bases from The Coca‑Cola Company, manufactures the products in its bottling plants and distributes them to its customers throughout Italy, with the exception of Sicily. It is also responsible for product merchandising, customer relations, implementing promotions and activities related to Corporate Social Responsibility and public and institutional relations. In 2006, The Coca‑Cola Company and Coca‑Cola HBC Italia entered the mineral water market by acquiring Fonti del Vulture.


Sibeg has been manufacturing, bottling, distributing and developing all products sold under the The Coca‑Cola Company brand in Sicily since 1960.