Coca‑Cola HBC's vision is to become the undisputed leader in every market in which we compete.

Our strategic pillars

In line with Coca‑Cola HBC, the strategic pillars of Coca‑Cola HBC Italia are what we call the "four Cs", that represent the most relevant matters for the company and its stakeholders.


Community trust

Trust is the foundation of our relationships with customers, consumers, employees, institutions, business partners and shareholders. We build trust through responsible, sustainable management of our business.

We build relationships of trust by focusing on three strategic objectives: to produce wealth for the community, to reduce our environmental impact and to promote well-being.

Consumer relevance

Consumer relevance

We aim to meet and exceed our consumers' expectations by offering the right products, in the right packaging, through the right channels and at the right price. We continuously increase our product range, delivering high quality standards for each product.

This means constantly working on quality and innovation, responsible marketing and how we engage with consumers.

Customer preference

Customer preference

A successful relationship with our customers is fundamental to our success. We work hard to ensure our people are constantly focused on customers' needs and satisfaction in order to build and maintain successful partnerships and thus ensure mutual business growth.

To do this, business ethics, the fight against corruption and controlling our direct and indirect economic impacts are all essential to us.

Cost leadership

We are focused on a cost efficiency mindset: we ensure sustainable business growth through our commitment to an efficient production process, a better use of resources, streamlining procurement and optimising our production and logistics base.

This means reducing operating costs and expenses and making the company’s long-term sustainability possible.